FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are intended to address key questions you might have regarding features and benefits of TurfHound® Surfaces.

If you have any further questions, please contact your TurfHound Customer Service Representative by telephone at 302-295-5220 (toll-free 877-377-3100).

They feel great! When a golfer makes solid contact on natural turf, it feels great. In golf, ‘feel’ is everything. With TurfHound revolutionary fairway surfaces, golfers can swing freely down and through the ball, just like with natural turf and get realistic feedback. This helps golfers maintain their natural swing mechanics which results in a realistic golf shot and better ball control. If a golfer hits a fat shot from a TurfHound Surface, contact will feel fat and the ball will fly just as it would if hit from a natural tee box or fairway turf.  

Golfers also like the choices available with our TurfHound tee lines that allow them to practice from fairway turf and first-cut rough.

Golf course superintendents prefer TurfHound Surfaces because members stop complaining and start praising staff for a good decision. Superintendents also state that TurfHound’s modular design provides the flexibility needed to meet their unique space and layout requirements while improving aesthetics of the range and the course.  

They also understand and appreciate that TurfHound Surfaces provide viable solutions for problem turf areas, such as limited practice area due to space limitations, tee boxes suffering from inadequate growing conditions or temporary tees used during rebuilding or refurbishing projects.

The unique benefits provided by TurfHound Surfaces and Tee Holders stem from its proprietary technologies. During the manufacturing process, a specially designed core material is embedded in a unique urethane-based blend. Together they form a fully integrated surface unit while adhering to very tight manufacturing specifications.  

As a result, TurfHound Surfaces do not require an adhesive layer between the grassy layer and substrate. This benefits golfers by enabling the surface to flex around the club head as it travels smoothly down and through the turf without interrupting the golfer’s swing. It also ensures the layers do not separate, even with heavy use.

TurfHound Surfaces are designed and constructed to simulate healthy natural turf when placed on a hard surface. The hard surface controls rebound shock. Because surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or pavers offer excellent resistance to frost, they maintain consistency over a long period of time. If a prepared stone surface is used, it should be very hard. TurfHound components and the subsurface work together for the golfer to experience the same feel as a smooth swing through healthy natural turf. When placed directly on grass, TurfHound Surfaces are much softer than natural turf.

Because TurfHound Surfaces are virtually unaffected by rain and sun, they retain playability in all but the most extreme cold weather conditions. Because golfers can enjoy better range and course conditions—even during inclement weather conditions—they can practice more often and play more rounds.

A  revolutionary TurfHound Tee Holder is included with each TurfHound station. This tee holder enables golfers to use conventional wood or plastic tees—the same tees they use on the course. Eliminating flimsy rubber tees is just one more reason why TurfHound surfaces are considered the most realistic.

You've heard all the complaints about conventional golf mats… worn, torn and damaged turf… rock hard surfaces… jarring club head bounce… and flimsy, unrealistic rubber tees. Because these problems are minimized or eliminated with TurfHound products golfer complaints are replaced with praise.

Golfers appreciate the way TurfHound feels like healthy natural turf. And they prefer using their own tees. Because TurfHound Surfaces help enhance a golfer's performance and enjoyment of the game, they keep coming back for more.

Replacing surfaces less often means long-term savings and more satisfied customers. All the TurfHound products are made from specially formulated materials by manufacturers recognized for outstanding quality management.  And the same materials that deliver exceptional performance also greatly enhance durability when compared to less expensive mats you replace twice as often.

Simply snap the frame together and lay in the turf. Assembly and installation of TurfHound stations typically takes about five minutes per station. For detailed installation instructions, contact your representative.

The useful life of any surface will depend on traffic and adherence to a good maintenance schedule. However, based on actual buying patterns, TurfHound customers replace turf panels after about 30 months of use. TurfHound panel systems were designed to be rotated periodically to minimize wear and tear. And when a TurfHound turf panel becomes worn or damaged, you need only to replace that panel.

TurfHound Surfaces are designed and built to minimize the need for maintenance. However, to extend the useful life of the surfaces for as long as possible, we recommend rotating turf sections on heavily used mats at least once a year; if dirt builds up use the “turbo” setting on a power washer to remove mud and dirt buildup; clean out used tees from the tee holders every couple of weeks.